Best Men's Backpacks

Backpacks are a staple that every person should own. Finding the right style that will work for multiple purposes is key to finding the best backpack.

We pride ourselves on making backpacks that are ideal for every occasion from work to the gym to school to outdoor recreation. Our range features 46 styles in a variety of sizes and colours for whatever your need. Our 25L capacity backpacks are the perfect small size for hiking to fit your essential items without weighing you down. Mid size backpacks are available in 40L, 45L and 50L and will fit all your items including a laptop computer. Our largest size is 60L capacity and these are ideal for those looking to fit all the extras, they are perfect for day hikes and bush walks or weekends away. They are the perfect size as your plane carry on bag. 

Our backpacks feature a number of storage compartments so you can organise everything you need. Each backpack has an external zip pocket for those items you need close at hand along with a side netted pocket to put a drink bottle or whatever you need. The bag straps are reinforced with an additional chest strap that clips up to give you extra support and comfort.